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Devenir Capital wealth management is an initiative of a group of Bankers with a unique model which supports the changing landscape in wealth management with a strong focus on superior systems.

Devenir Capital specializes in helping high net worth individuals and companies reach their personal and professional goals as we understand that people who have achieved great success have worked hard and sacrificed much to get where they are and see goals in not just financial terms. We have helped successful individuals and businesses continue to manage their wealth with smart, well-thought out investment strategies.


Estate Planning and Structuring

Devenir Capital Ltd. provides comprehensive estate planning and litigation services for large and small estates, serving families and individuals. The goals of estate planning are financial and personal in nature.

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Asset Management

Devenir Capital is formed by a team of experienced Private Bankers and Investment solution providers who has wide range of experience in Middle East and Europe and remains at the forefront of developing and managing private funds and portfolios.

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At Devenir Capital our Global Markets team offers a broad range of financial products and services to client-driven businesses and also supports our Asset management team and their clients.

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Corporate services

We work closely with companies which have good assets and a strong cash flow, looking to raise capital through listed debt. Together with our FSC regulated partners, our clients have the option of a cost effective, tailor made single or multi-issuance debt programme.

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Institutional Business

In Devenir Capital's Institutional distribution business, we follow a five-step framework which involves– Planning, Presence, Perception, Pursuit and Positioning. Our five-step distribution framework outlines a strategic approach that can help firms identify and execute on opportunities...

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