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Corporate Services

Corporate Services

We work closely with companies which have good assets and a strong cash flow, looking to raise capital through listed debt. Together with our FSC regulated partners, our clients have the option of a cost effective, tailor made single or multi-issuance debt programme. We can assist with both Primary and Secondary Markets. We market the security and raise capital through our global distribution network.


We assist businesses, with strong cash flow and good assets, access capital through listed debt.

The Fixed Income Bonds we structure are designed to be:

  • Senior Secured
  • Deliver robust returns
  • Asset Backed
  • Rated by a ESMA recognized rating agency
  • Listed on a recognized stock exchange
  • Freely transferable with second market liquidity
  • Available on various investment/life platforms


  • Access to capital through our global distribution network
  • Various assets that can be used as security
  • Fixed and predictable pay-off with cash flow management benefits
  • Flexible options – single or multiple projects with the opportunity to tap the market for more funding in the future
  • A choice of international stock exchanges
  • Life & Investment platform listing options
  • Partnerships with regulated and professional parties
  • Non-diluting capital


Meeting European Securities and Markets Authority (“ESMA”) Standards

We consider each transaction individually for key indicators to ensure it meets current investors' demands for simplicity, transparency and consistency. These are essential for asset backed securities as the industry moves towards standards set by ESMA. Our analysis includes:

  • Voting and enforcement rights
  • Documentation disclosure and legal review
  • Alignment of interests
  • Fiduciary and contractual responsibilities
  • Transparency to investors
  • Transparency of pricing
  • Recoverability of assets
  • Nature of the assets
  • Performance history
  • Payment status and historical default rates
  • Consistency of rules for asset selection
  • Asset transfer and security
  • Provision of initial and ongoing data
  • Cash flows
  • Currency and interest rate asset and liability mismatches
  • Payment priorities

Monitoring standards

Bond structuring follows a systematic approach and we maintain those standards throughout the lifecycle of the bonds.

  • The bonds are issued by a separate legal entity, as opposed to the sponsor company themselves specifically because these are not intended to be a typical corporate bond. This vehicle is specifically set up to issue debt and is bankruptcy remote. This is a term used to describe an entity formed to develop, own and operate a special project while isolating financial risk and minimizing bankruptcy risk.
  • Assets are pledged to a well-established UK trustee
  • The securities are segregated senior secured bond issuances under an approved programme.