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Devenir Capital specializes in helping high net worth individuals and companies reach their personal and professional goals as we understand that people who have achieved great success have worked hard and sacrificed much to get where they are and see goals in not just financial terms. We have helped successful individuals and businesses continue to manage their wealth with smart, well-thought out investment strategies. We focus on creating and benchmarking a comprehensive wealth strategy including, but not limited to, asset management, tax strategy, business financial planning, business estate planning, corporate services, investment banking, retirement plans and insurance needs so that we can create, develop and service all our clients wealth management needs. We also specialize in distribution of Alternative investment solutions for other institutions, popularizing various investment solutions in line with market trend. We are proud of our strong relationships with expert advisors dealing with the affluent market – we work closely with some of the nation’s finest professionals and provide our investment solutions to their clients.

Estate Planning

Our estate planning team comprises of four lawyers from Luxemburg, Dubai, Cayman Island and Mauritius who offer legal and government-relations services in a diverse range of practice areas including Company and Trust formation, Fund Registration and Tax consulting in multiple jurisdictions and legacy/will creation.

Asset Management

Our asset management team boasts of senior retail and private bankers who have been in the industry at various senior and middle management roles, with diverse coverage experience in Middle East, Africa and UK markets. We have a combined expertise of more than 100 years into advisory business.


Our trading desk is handled by experienced traders who handle Indian and global markets.

Corporate Services

Our corporate services team has over twenty years of experience in consumer and financial markets and is heavily involved in sourcing new investments and in fund raising for existing investments, subsidiaries and portfolio companies.

Institutional Distribution

Our institutional desk is managed by a team of experts from Netherlands, who has been working in the financial services industry in alternative investment distribution for the last 10 years. The team has expertise in both the operations as well as the sales side.